Our Vision

Imagine a world where structures connect with natural energy flows, where buildings generate food not waste, where a house, an office building or a factory can express the best of design creativity, adding pleasure and delight to life.

At Smart Structure we are working to make this vision a reality through our ecologically intelligent designs, products and services that:

  • Save businesses and consumers money while benefiting the natural environment
  • Connect structures with natural energy flows, (solar, wind, geothermal), to reduce long term cost and energy consumption
  • Assess and improve energy efficiency
  • Help structures “think” eco-effectively using information technology
  • Create “natural system” landscapes that act as bio-machines, cleaning soil, water and air, while preserving natural flora, fauna, wildlife, and unique culture
  • Help consumers, (even those with little space), to grow delicious and healthy food right at home
  • Optimize storm water management systems to reduce output, facilitate carbon capture and purify water
  • Reduce steps and materials used during construction
  • Link businesses and consumers with eco-intelligent logistics services
  • Streamline business and consumer disposal and recycling
  • Give businesses and consumers access to the latest government grants and rebates
  • Unite businesses and individuals with locally sourced products and services
  • Introduce eco-intelligent materials, products and processes into biological and technical supply chains
  • Utilize our cutting edge open-sourced resources to give businesses and individuals the tools to make eco-intelligent choices

Beautiful. Affordable. Seamlessly integrated housing solutions.