smart structure

Beautiful. Affordable. Seamlessly integrated housing solutions.

180 University Avenue, Toronto

Smart Structure is a not for profit organization founded in response to the growing demand for ecologically intelligent housing, commercial space, construction services, and building materials.

Currently, 30% – 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide are from heating, cooling, and lighting the built environment. Buildings are designed and constructed using an array of systems and products, which in many ways negatively impact the natural environment and the health of those that live and work within them.

Smart Structure is dedicated to creating energy neutral structures that contribute to environmental and individual health. We envision a world where structures connect with natural energy flows, where buildings generate food not waste, where a house, an office building or a factory can express the best of design creativity, adding pleasure and delight to life.

Smart Structure invites you to learn more about how we can turn this vision into a reality.

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